Time to leave Strasbourg…

Our plenary week is over: now it’s time to catch the train to Basel and then head to Zurich (Chiara) and Milan (Francesco). An eventful weekend is waiting for us…keep tuned!


Europeans up to the top…

by Francesco

Here in Belgium the weather is getting quite wet and “wintery”, while back in Trentino summer is still ongoing. My mother decided to feed my jealousy with this pic taken at Rifugio Laresei (between Trentino and Veneto), but it gave me the chance to show that up in the mountains we do appreciate the EU, particularly because we were right on the front during WWI… Nothing makes you love a peace project like the experience of war.


New track, old habits…

So, we finally went to a new track here in Brussels, which is located at the VUB sports centre (Flemish University). After registering at the desk and getting our card with 10 sessions on it (under 20 euros of cost, card included), we tested the track and I found some old toys (barriers) that maybe will be used again in training. The track is nice, quite and shielded from the wind…not the fastest around but fast enough! Besides, it should be lit until midnight and you can access the changing rooms and showers…fingers crossed, it is true! To sum it up: we discovered a new place and we like it!


There will always be a queue for the best fries in Brussels…

It can be August and Brussels is still empty, but you will always have to wait some minutes in line to get a taste of the best fries in town… Maison Antoine in Place Jourdan is a must if you are visiting the city. Right now they are serving their fries from a van, but soon they’ll open a new place in a brand new building. Enjoy!