Our own #Breaking2

We organised our little version of #Breaking2 over the weekend. It wasn’t about breaking any 2 – hours, minutes, or legs, but it was about breaking one’s limits – in this case, my time for a half marathon. We picked a course, a pace, and a pacer, and set off to break my PR. No actual race, no other competitors, no medals, no frills. Francesco had come back from his running retreat in Tuscany with a renewed enthusiasm not just for running, which had never faltered, but also for coaching me, which was an outcome as sweet as unexpected. We … Continue reading Our own #Breaking2

… Waiting for better times ;-)

Sometimes not training is much harder than any training. Setbacks are part of the journey, and it is normal to feel down when you can’t do what you like. I have a minor knee issue and was only able to do some strength training today because running hurts too badly, but hopefully we can fix that soon. In the meantime, I want to share some reflections with you. But this is also the time to look back at what we have done together. I had never run until about two years ago, and Francesco only started coaching me about a … Continue reading … Waiting for better times 😉

New track, old habits…

So, we finally went to a new track here in Brussels, which is located at the VUB sports centre (Flemish University). After registering at the desk and getting our card with 10 sessions on it (under 20 euros of cost, card included), we tested the track and I found some old toys (barriers) that maybe will be used again in training. The track is nice, quite and shielded from the wind…not the fastest around but fast enough! Besides, it should be lit until midnight and you can access the changing rooms and showers…fingers crossed, it is true! To sum it … Continue reading New track, old habits…

Running encounters

Yesterday I worked, today I wanted to go to the seaside. But it was raining, so we decided to set our sight on a new mission: finding the very elusive Tuscany training camp. We turned in circles for maybe two hours in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Tuscany. We stopped to ask for directions two or three times, with local people being very kind to us and pointing us to other people who should have known more, but nobody could point us to the right place. What we were looking for was the track on dirt that … Continue reading Running encounters