Leaving on a (jet) plane… ✈️

My last flight for the next couple of weeks is finally over, and I can’t wait to get home. But you can either succumb to the umptieth-early-flight stress, or let yourself be surprised by the sun rising over the mountains covered in snow. Couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit closer to my husband who is the only one who truly managed to show me how to see the beauty in nature. Continue reading Leaving on a (jet) plane… ✈️

To my wonderful wonderful wife

By Francesco (and his terrible English) It is strange to use a common blog to support each other, but since we are not in the same place, I’ll do it anyway. There are ups and downs in life. That’s a fact and we cannot ignore them. The only thing one can do in these times is to bite the bullet and get through it. And you, Chiara, you do it. You are the strongest and thoughest woman I’ve ever met and your resilience is inspiring. I know it is not easy, but if it were easy, you wouldn’t do it, … Continue reading To my wonderful wonderful wife

The good, the bad… and the fun

After telling you all about our experience, the time has come to give you an overview of what this race (and everything attached) might have in store for you. Virtually every person whom we have told about our project of running a trail marathon in the mountains of Northern Mongolia has reacted with (polite) scepticism: why would we want to choose such a remote place, let alone such a hard challenge, for our first steps as husband and wife? Why not choose to spend a fortnight on the beaches of Bali or in a luxury tourist resort on some African … Continue reading The good, the bad… and the fun