First road marathon: mission aborted

In a nutshell, Francesco was sick and couldn’t make it to the startline. He fought with a fever for a week before deciding he was going to pull out. He had trained his heart out for his marathon debut, and I had poured all my energy into being the best supporter ever, but it was just not going to happen this time. It was harsh, but since we had already bought our flights we took off anyways and got to spend the loveliest weekend with both our families together, which almost never happens. Even so, I was surprised by how … Continue reading First road marathon: mission aborted

The good, the bad… and the fun

After telling you all about our experience, the time has come to give you an overview of what this race (and everything attached) might have in store for you. Virtually every person whom we have told about our project of running a trail marathon in the mountains of Northern Mongolia has reacted with (polite) scepticism: why would we want to choose such a remote place, let alone such a hard challenge, for our first steps as husband and wife? Why not choose to spend a fortnight on the beaches of Bali or in a luxury tourist resort on some African … Continue reading The good, the bad… and the fun

A post on food!

I know you are all curious about the food here. We have eaten Mongolian food for ten days now and are still alive, even though we are happy we brought some of our own food. First of all, you can not drink water from the pipes here, which means either buying bottled water – which we never do in Europe – or boiling it, waiting for it to cool down and only then drink it. We were extra careful, even brushing our teeth with drinking water from the bottle, but keeping hydrated was not easy. I think the most critical … Continue reading A post on food!

Thoughts of the day(s) after

My knee is sore. Did I really do it?! I don’t feel like a marathoner. I really did it! My legs are stiff, but it could be worse. (After sitting down for too long) God I had almost forgotten I ran a marathon yesterday. Food! More food! Shower. Hot shower. Maybe it will help with the soreness (S*** there’s no hot water). When is lunch? Remember to drink plenty of water. Keep walking a little bit. Lunch, finally! Weirdly enough I don’t feel nauseous. Nap. Can’t sleep though. Oh wait, actually I can. Let’s try and run a couple of … Continue reading Thoughts of the day(s) after

Rain, rainbows and reindeers

Yesterday was a hard day. Let’s just say tepies look a lot less romantic when it rains inside and everything is wet and full of giant mosquitoes and huge spiders. But since after the rain comes the rainbow… today was a much better day. We accompanied the three participants from South Africa on their hike for about 3 km, then did a 11 km trail run to include the first 2.5 km of our race, which is a super technical trail in the forest (and which we will face in the dark at 4.30 am in two days’ time). We … Continue reading Rain, rainbows and reindeers

First impressions

We got off the plane with the wrong foot. None of us had managed to get even a single minute of sleep and we were cranky, terribly jet-lagged and exhausted. But you never get a chance to have a first impression, right? Today I can only give you a patchwork of snapshots. We’ve been here for about 12 hours and everything is still a bit overwhelming. First of all, the most striking aspect of Ulaanbaatar, or UB, is its unbelievable traffic. Everybody is honking all the time. Pedestrians have no rights whatsoever, not even on pedestrian crossings with a green … Continue reading First impressions