Happy birthday my love! Plus race recap

This morning I woke up next to a thirty-year-old husband. Happy birthday my love! We woke up and had cake for breakfast (of course), then headed to Jette, an area in the North-Eastern part of Brussels where we had never been, for an 8 k race. We had not done any specific training at all, but sometimes we just grab the opportunity to run with other people and explore the different “communes” of this city. We ended up with a 1-2 finish! Francesco won the men’s race and I came in second among the ladies. We had to run on … Continue reading Happy birthday my love! Plus race recap

(Sweet) potato wedges

We all have crazy lives, busy weeks, demanding jobs, and sometimes when we get home after work all we want to do is just lay on the couch and open a bag of crisps (and possibly a beer). Well, most of the time when Francesco and I get home from work we have to resist that urge, change into running clothes, and go out and do hill repeats, a fartlek session, or even just an “easy” run (which more often than not feels everything but easy). But we also know how to spoil ourselves. I love to cook and we … Continue reading (Sweet) potato wedges

Coming home as husband and wife

We’ve made it! Our last flight for the summer is over and we are finally home. And we are both so, so happy. We have absorbed, enjoyed and made the most of all the love we have been surrounded by and showered with and we have now made it home again, after a little more than a month. It feels good to be home and to be able to spend some time with each other. To go back to all the old habits, but with a new role and a new awareness. To go get groceries together, cook for each … Continue reading Coming home as husband and wife

Throwback Thursday

Wedding: #tbt My wedding day was perfect, because I knew it would be. I was going to marry the man of my dreams, my one love, The One. What could go wrong, as long as we were husband and wife at the end of the day? That said, any wedding can prove tricky. I had been told that there would be glitches, but I didn’t believe them. My wedding would just be perfect. And it was! But we did have glitches. So here comes my very personal list in 6 points (plus 1) on how to survive on that very … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

The good, the bad… and the fun

After telling you all about our experience, the time has come to give you an overview of what this race (and everything attached) might have in store for you. Virtually every person whom we have told about our project of running a trail marathon in the mountains of Northern Mongolia has reacted with (polite) scepticism: why would we want to choose such a remote place, let alone such a hard challenge, for our first steps as husband and wife? Why not choose to spend a fortnight on the beaches of Bali or in a luxury tourist resort on some African … Continue reading The good, the bad… and the fun

Vows – Francesco

IT version first, EN version under it. IT version Chiara, abbiamo aspettato tanto per vivere questo momento. Come altre volte è capitato nella vita di entrambi, magari senza volerlo, abbiamo fissato un appuntamento per il quale prepararci, allenarci, metterci in forma, in modo da arrivare qui oggi e far registrare la nostra miglior prestazione, il nostro personale, conquistarci un posto in squadra. E che posto in squadra. Perché quella conquistata oggi è la convocazione più bella, è il traguardo più importante…e soprattutto è un successo che vale una vita. Da questa squadra non si esce più. Questo non significa che … Continue reading Vows – Francesco