Sweet potato toast!

This one is truly a gem. It makes for an excellent post-run lunch, or a snack, or even breakfast! It is recovery food and it is the final proof that it does not have to be boring or tasteless. It doubles as a sweet treat too, so you can have savoury as a main and sweet as a dessert. And this recipe is super fast to make! No need to say it is my new favourite post-run meal. By the way, I am preparing a “recipe treasure box” for you, a list of my favourite recipes for post-run meals, runner-friendly … Continue reading Sweet potato toast!

Just… life (as it should be)

Some time ago, I was asked to work for a theatre festival in Italy. We weren’t sure initially, as we had already done so much travelling over the months of September and October and we knew how tiring it can be. But we managed to sprinkle some holiday time into our work trip, and we are most happy we did decide to spend a week on home soil. We definitely made the most of it! We were extremely lucky with the weather. We enjoyed some stunning Autumn days and ended up spending so much time outside, taking in that very … Continue reading Just… life (as it should be)

Smoothie time!

Work hard, play hard. Recover hard?! I know it doesn’t sound catchy, but it is a universal truth. If you work hard, and on top of that you train hard, and you also want to race hard, you need to recover as well. Foam rolling, stretching, sleeping a lot, icing body parts is all part of a process. Eating healthy plays a huge part in recovery – and it is the best part, if you ask me. I love to cook and I love how running allows us to have good, tasty food most of the time – and the … Continue reading Smoothie time!

Recipe of the week: homemade hummus!

One thing that I love about living in an international city is being exposed to all sorts of food. When I was little, the most exotic food we could get was Chinese takeout. I later discovered that each country, if not even each city, had its own “Chinese” food, which doesn’t make it very Chinese. But Brussels really offers a little bit of everything. We have tried Japanese, Tibetan, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, Ethiopian food and there is still a whole world of cuisines waiting for us to be brave enough to give them a shot. On the other hand, I … Continue reading Recipe of the week: homemade hummus!

(Sweet) potato wedges

We all have crazy lives, busy weeks, demanding jobs, and sometimes when we get home after work all we want to do is just lay on the couch and open a bag of crisps (and possibly a beer). Well, most of the time when Francesco and I get home from work we have to resist that urge, change into running clothes, and go out and do hill repeats, a fartlek session, or even just an “easy” run (which more often than not feels everything but easy). But we also know how to spoil ourselves. I love to cook and we … Continue reading (Sweet) potato wedges

There will always be a queue for the best fries in Brussels…

It can be August and Brussels is still empty, but you will always have to wait some minutes in line to get a taste of the best fries in town… Maison Antoine in Place Jourdan is a must if you are visiting the city. Right now they are serving their fries from a van, but soon they’ll open a new place in a brand new building. Enjoy! Continue reading There will always be a queue for the best fries in Brussels…