Less-than-5-ingredients meals for when you’re on the move

When we go to Strasbourg, we try to rent a flat for a week, instead of going to a hotel, mainly because that way we can cook our own food. The food scene in Strasbourg isn’t exactly exciting – the typical Alsatian cuisine they serve you here is one of the heaviest I’ve ever tried and everything is either bacon or cream based. The canteen at the Parliament has a penchant for using unprecedented quantities of butter on literally anything – ranging from salmon (!) to steaks to broccoli to green beans to carrots all the way to… you name … Continue reading Less-than-5-ingredients meals for when you’re on the move

Just… life (as it should be)

Some time ago, I was asked to work for a theatre festival in Italy. We weren’t sure initially, as we had already done so much travelling over the months of September and October and we knew how tiring it can be. But we managed to sprinkle some holiday time into our work trip, and we are most happy we did decide to spend a week on home soil. We definitely made the most of it! We were extremely lucky with the weather. We enjoyed some stunning Autumn days and ended up spending so much time outside, taking in that very … Continue reading Just… life (as it should be)