Fancy (a) pita

There are days when you still want a real meal – no sandwich, no scrambled eggs – but maybe not a full four-course meal, or maybe just something a little different. Have you ever tried halloumi cheese? I first had halloumi at a Lebanese restaurant in London and loved it. Then I ordered it again in Geneva. And in Brussels. And then I asked myself: “What if they sold it in shops and I could make it at home?”. It turns out they do sell it at supermarkets or just even corner shops. Halloumi is a sheep and goat cheese … Continue reading Fancy (a) pita

Creamy green soup

You might not be a fan of soups. Francesco is not. And yet, this one has won his heart. You don’t need a thousand recipes for soup. You just need a couple of very, very good ones to get through the winter. A good soup has three qualities: good texture (check), good, nutritious ingredients (check), internal coherence with some margin for creativity (check). This one is so creamy and velvety that its texture is somewhere in between a regular soup and mashed potatoes (and there are no potatoes in the soup! Miracle). It is way more nutrient-packed than any other … Continue reading Creamy green soup

Basil pesto shrimp zoodles

Have you ever craved a hearty pasta so good you could eat it forever AND not feel stuffed when you were done? I have it. It’s not pasta, but I promise you won’t even notice. And look, I know zoodles are not a revolution anymore, but these ones are just the zoodles. The only recipe I’ll make with non-pasta in lieu of pasta. Trust me on this one. There are few low-cal, healthy meals that taste really good and that you could make again and again not because they are low-cal and healthy but because they taste so good you … Continue reading Basil pesto shrimp zoodles

Bought the wrong fish – now what –> Almond crusted rainbow trout

We usually buy our fish at the farmers’ market on Sunday, but sometimes when it’s discounted we resort to the supermarket. Because the label “discounted” was so large, I miserably failed to notice that what I thought was salmon was really a rainbow trout. When I found out that I had bought the wrong fish it was of course too late to return the fish. How was I going to cook this thing?! Because necessity is the mother of invention, I basically made up a recipe with what I fancied and what I had at home. And it turned out spectacular! … Continue reading Bought the wrong fish – now what –> Almond crusted rainbow trout