The good, the bad… and the fun

After telling you all about our experience, the time has come to give you an overview of what this race (and everything attached) might have in store for you. Virtually every person whom we have told about our project of running a trail marathon in the mountains of Northern Mongolia has reacted with (polite) scepticism: why would we want to choose such a remote place, let alone such a hard challenge, for our first steps as husband and wife? Why not choose to spend a fortnight on the beaches of Bali or in a luxury tourist resort on some African … Continue reading The good, the bad… and the fun

To Those That Made This Such A Special Adventure

This post goes to all the people that made our trip to Mongolia such a wonderful experience, all those that with a simple word, a kind smile or a long conversation left a mark in our honeymoon, making it an unforgettable adventure (PS: in this post, I won’t talk about the organisers of the race. They did a great job and deserve all our gratitude, but I want to focus on the other runners of our group. Thanks also to the organisers anyway!). You can have the most pristine and wild nature and location in the world, but if you are … Continue reading To Those That Made This Such A Special Adventure

A post on food!

I know you are all curious about the food here. We have eaten Mongolian food for ten days now and are still alive, even though we are happy we brought some of our own food. First of all, you can not drink water from the pipes here, which means either buying bottled water – which we never do in Europe – or boiling it, waiting for it to cool down and only then drink it. We were extra careful, even brushing our teeth with drinking water from the bottle, but keeping hydrated was not easy. I think the most critical … Continue reading A post on food!

Thoughts of the day(s) after

My knee is sore. Did I really do it?! I don’t feel like a marathoner. I really did it! My legs are stiff, but it could be worse. (After sitting down for too long) God I had almost forgotten I ran a marathon yesterday. Food! More food! Shower. Hot shower. Maybe it will help with the soreness (S*** there’s no hot water). When is lunch? Remember to drink plenty of water. Keep walking a little bit. Lunch, finally! Weirdly enough I don’t feel nauseous. Nap. Can’t sleep though. Oh wait, actually I can. Let’s try and run a couple of … Continue reading Thoughts of the day(s) after

MS2S: la Maratona all’Alba della nostra luna di miele…

Finalmente un post in italiano! Eccoci al racconto della gara, che non è una traduzione del post in inglese, ma un altro racconto, perché tanto una maratona è abbastanza lunga da poterla descrivere in mille modi. Facciamo un passo indietro per dare il contesto: siamo nel nord della Mongolia, in un campo di tepie e ger da cinque giorni, con il bagno fuori, le zanzare e i ragni più grandi che abbia mai visto, uno spazio vitale inesistente, una dieta raffazzonata e dobbiamo partire per fare una maratona trail, in montagna, con partenza a 1550 metri, picchi di 2500 e … Continue reading MS2S: la Maratona all’Alba della nostra luna di miele…

Race recap!

We did it! You will have to wait to have a full race recap, but for now I will just let you know that we did it, we are back in one piece and we are really proud of what we did together. We woke up at 2.45 am and it was not raining. The sky was full of stars! I knew it was going to be a good day. By the time the race started, at 4.30 am, we were ready. After the first, super technical stretch in the forest – it was pitch black but my headlight did … Continue reading Race recap!