6 things I wish I knew about working as an interpreter (for real)

When I was an interpreting student, I had many expectations, as well as many fears. Some of them turned out to be real. Others were either exaggerated, unjustified, or plainly wrong. But perhaps the most surprising aspect was that there are so many things that I didn’t anticipate. As an interpreting student, I was always trying to have a sneak peek into what a “real interpreter’s life” was like. It might sound naive: just grab an interpreter and ask them, right?! Well, it’s not that easy. Working as an Italian A is very different from working as an English A. … Continue reading 6 things I wish I knew about working as an interpreter (for real)

Sunday long run and life getting in the way

Sometimes life gets in the way. As much as we like to think we are tough cookies and that nothing can get in our way, sometimes we just have to accept that we cannot always be focused on our goals and shut out all other things. Stress takes a toll. Sadness takes a toll. Things that are out of our control take a toll. Sunday is long run day. Long runs are always hard for me, physically and especially mentally. I know that, but I usually do not allow myself to have too many doubts before I get out of … Continue reading Sunday long run and life getting in the way

Chickpea-and-fish meatless meatballs

In my last post I shared with you my best advice on how to survive moving to a new place. I also mentioned that having food ready in the freezer can potentially save your life (mainly by avoiding getting hangry and causing a diplomatic incident). So here comes one excellent recipe that lends itself very well to freezing. Cook them first as instructed, let them cool and freeze. When it’s time to eat, just take them out of the freezer and reheat in the microwave. Dinner’s ready! Chickpea-and-fish meatless meatballs 1 can drained chickpeas 200 g tinned tunafish 30 g … Continue reading Chickpea-and-fish meatless meatballs