When you just know… this was your husband’s console

When I was little I dreamed of becoming an interpreter. And not just any interpreter: I wanted to grow up and be a Conference-Interpreter-Who-Works-For-The-Parliament. One might argue that that is ordinary, as I wanted to be just like my mum. The only thing that sets me apart is that… well, I never changed my mind. Twenty years after I made that resolution I became what I dreamed of becoming. But growing up I never expected that I would get married at 27 years of age get married to a fellow Italian and – God forbid! – a colleague! And yet, … Continue reading When you just know… this was your husband’s console

Winter is here!

All right, it is not true. But it is! It is dark, and cold, and you can already smell Christmas in the air. Which technically allows me to say it is indeed winter. And every year at this point I convince myself that I will not survive another winter. But even I must admit that there are some wonderful wonderful features that are unique to winter: endless cups of tea (paired with endless slices of cake), quick drying of all our running clothes on finally heated heaters, and of course winter sports! This year we are particularly lucky as we … Continue reading Winter is here!

Sweet potato toast!

This one is truly a gem. It makes for an excellent post-run lunch, or a snack, or even breakfast! It is recovery food and it is the final proof that it does not have to be boring or tasteless. It doubles as a sweet treat too, so you can have savoury as a main and sweet as a dessert. And this recipe is super fast to make! No need to say it is my new favourite post-run meal. By the way, I am preparing a “recipe treasure box” for you, a list of my favourite recipes for post-run meals, runner-friendly … Continue reading Sweet potato toast!

Cantonese (cauliflower) fried (rice) that doesn’t taste like cauliflower at all and doesn’t smell

I am back with recipe of the week! After spending one week in Italy and enjoying all the food cooked by both our mums I am back at experimenting in the kitchen. Today I have a low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free, very … Continue reading Cantonese (cauliflower) fried (rice) that doesn’t taste like cauliflower at all and doesn’t smell


by Chiara Even as a little kid, I have always wanted to be an adult. I wanted to take decisions for myself. Now that I am a grown up, I am not always so sure about that whole decision-making thing. Of course, being a grown up comes with plenty of pros – the main one being able to eat as much chocolate as you want, whenever you want -, but sometimes it feels overwhelming. As we grow up, the decisions we have to make grow too. And we are now facing a big decision. We know we want to buy … Continue reading Adulting