Strasbourg week… from Brussels

Some days are just hard. Because Strasbourg weeks are always busy, both for those who are in Strasbourg and for those two “stay behind” in Brussels (there are less freelancers around so there’s more work), our days are packed with meetings. On top of that, next year the European elections will take place, and that of course has a major impact on how legislative work is being done and will be done, which directly translates in how much (or little) work there is for interpreters. In a nutshell, we will be working a lot until March, then there’s going to … Continue reading Strasbourg week… from Brussels


Wise is a wonderful initiative – a continuous professional development course organised by interpreters for interpreters. It is not intended for students, but for professionals who wish to get some practice in with colleagues in an informal, relaxed environment. Wise has been going on for a few years now, but this year sounded like the perfect year for me to give it a go. The organisers – JJ, Joe and José – offered two separate weeks in Brussels and one in Valencia. I only applied for Brussels because, well, we have a place to stay here 😉 I only focused … Continue reading WISE(r)