Just… life (as it should be)

Some time ago, I was asked to work for a theatre festival in Italy. We weren’t sure initially, as we had already done so much travelling over the months of September and October and we knew how tiring it can be. But we managed to sprinkle some holiday time into our work trip, and we are most happy we did decide to spend a week on home soil.

We definitely made the most of it! We were extremely lucky with the weather. We enjoyed some stunning Autumn days and ended up spending so much time outside, taking in that very unique Autumn light that will hopefully get us through a long, dark winter. I always struggle with winter time and I know I have to charge my batteries as much as possible before tackling the cold season.

We ran so much and so well that we almost worried we were peaking too soon, as we are ten days out of our half marathon in Frangarto, Italy. We are on the home stretch as we are getting closer and closer and at this point we are just adding the finishing touch to our preparation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 08.14.16
First month over 300 k for me!

We also managed to visit both our families, spend time with our parents and siblings, eat a lot of wonderful food cooked with love, meet some newly-married friends and do some much needed shopping. In the meantime, we also concluded the first step of a long process that will make us the proud owners of our very first house.

Life is indeed exciting for us at this point. A few years ago my mum said to me that I shouldn’t expect every year to be as life-defining as my last few ones had been: after all, I had graduated a first time, then got into one of the best interpreting schools in the world and graduated from that. But since then I passed my accreditation test, accidentally meeting the love of my life; moved in with my now-husband, started working more and more the the EU institutions; added a language in record time; got engaged. I ran my first half marathon, then a second one; I planned a wedding, got married! and ran my first marathon. We are now buying a house, our house, together, and so on and so forth. So I think – for once -, my mum might not be right: I am sure the best is yet to come.


4 thoughts on “Just… life (as it should be)

  1. Bravissimi! E’ bellissimo leggervi. Qualche anno fa leggevo il blog di Francesco e grazie a lui sono finita a fare WISE Valencia (esperienza bellissima). Leggo con grande piacere queste evoluzioni positive, trasmettono positività! Grazie.

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    1. Ci fa grandissimo piacere leggere questo commento: l’idea è proprio quella, trasmettere positività ed esperienze di vita che risveglino l’interesse di amici, conoscenti e…passanti 🙂 Grazie mille e continua a seguirci 🙂


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