by Chiara Even as a little kid, I have always wanted to be an adult. I wanted to take decisions for myself. Now that I am a grown up, I am not always so sure about that whole decision-making thing. Of course, being a grown up comes with plenty of pros – the main one being able to eat as much chocolate as you want, whenever you want -, but sometimes it feels overwhelming. As we grow up, the decisions we have to make grow too. And we are now facing a big decision. We know we want to buy … Continue reading Adulting

Our own #Breaking2

We organised our little version of #Breaking2 over the weekend. It wasn’t about breaking any 2 – hours, minutes, or legs, but it was about breaking one’s limits – in this case, my time for a half marathon. We picked a course, a pace, and a pacer, and set off to break my PR. No actual race, no other competitors, no medals, no frills. Francesco had come back from his running retreat in Tuscany with a renewed enthusiasm not just for running, which had never faltered, but also for coaching me, which was an outcome as sweet as unexpected. We … Continue reading Our own #Breaking2

Leaving on a (jet) plane… ✈️

My last flight for the next couple of weeks is finally over, and I can’t wait to get home. But you can either succumb to the umptieth-early-flight stress, or let yourself be surprised by the sun rising over the mountains covered in snow. Couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit closer to my husband who is the only one who truly managed to show me how to see the beauty in nature. Continue reading Leaving on a (jet) plane… ✈️