Work work work… and friendships, and love

What a week! I worked non-stop from Monday to Saturday. Three different meetings in three days for the EU, and one more three-day meeting on the private market, this time in Montreux, Switzerland. I was not 100% sure I would be able to come out alive, but here I am to tell the tale! More than anything, this post is meant to celebrate friendship. I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful friend who went to university in Geneva with me and with whom everything became easy, even working for a full day with an early start (7 AM!) … Continue reading Work work work… and friendships, and love

#BeerReview: Pels

By Francesco Pels is a Belgian blonde ale characterised by a strong hop smell (when you pop it open, it literally hits you). The beer is very light, in the sense that is does not have a strong body, but also the alcohol content is normal (5.2%). What let me down the most was the aftertaste, which was quite sour and not very pleasent. In general, it can be considered a bitter and dry beer, with a very light colour (looks like a mix of beer and lemonade in the glass). Not bad, not so good, I give it a … Continue reading #BeerReview: Pels

Smoothie time!

Work hard, play hard. Recover hard?! I know it doesn’t sound catchy, but it is a universal truth. If you work hard, and on top of that you train hard, and you also want to race hard, you need to recover as well. Foam rolling, stretching, sleeping a lot, icing body parts is all part of a process. Eating healthy plays a huge part in recovery – and it is the best part, if you ask me. I love to cook and I love how running allows us to have good, tasty food most of the time – and the … Continue reading Smoothie time!

Recipe of the week: homemade hummus!

One thing that I love about living in an international city is being exposed to all sorts of food. When I was little, the most exotic food we could get was Chinese takeout. I later discovered that each country, if not even each city, had its own “Chinese” food, which doesn’t make it very Chinese. But Brussels really offers a little bit of everything. We have tried Japanese, Tibetan, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, Ethiopian food and there is still a whole world of cuisines waiting for us to be brave enough to give them a shot. On the other hand, I … Continue reading Recipe of the week: homemade hummus!

He asked… one year ago

A year ago my husband asked me to marry him. I cannot really explain how that memory will forever be truly special. I guess it was so heartfelt and so natural and spontaneous. Francesco’s proposal perfectly, magically embodied who we are. We are down to earth, and so incredibly in love. It was a Sunday in September. I was working and he had just taken part in a 60+ k trail run in the Dolomites the day before and was about to leave on an airplane (see: I’m leaving on a jet plane…) He woke up before dawn and had … Continue reading He asked… one year ago

Sunday evening ramble

By Chiara   After a 6-day week of work between two countries – Belgium and Italy -, two interpreting modes – simultaneous and consecutive – and 5 languages – Italian, English, French, Slovak and plenty of Croatian – and about 60 km of running, I am stranded at the airport in Linate, waiting to go back to Brussels because tomorrow I have to go to work. Shit happens, as do delays… and I can’t help being beyond exhausted. But I am with my husband, and we are in this together. We will make it, one way or another. And I … Continue reading Sunday evening ramble