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Happy New Year – and a little update

My New Year resolution a year ago was to try new things and to embrace the hard. I did try new things – mostly out of frustration, such as meditation and mindfulness – and tried to get a little better at things I had tried before, such as therapy, and cross country skiing, which I embraced because when we were up in the mountains at the beginning of the year it had first snowed a lot and then the temperatures had dropped so everything was a slab of ice and running would turn into ice-skating. I also tried to keep … Continue reading Happy New Year – and a little update

Unmedicated delivery vs C-section

Disclaimer: I gave birth twice, once vaginally, once by c-section. Would I have opted for a c-section, if given the choice? No. But it was necessary and I am so grateful I was able to safely bring my little girl into the world without taking excessive risks and putting her in danger. Let me preface this by saying that after going through both a vaginal, unmedicated birth and a c-section I am shocked public opinion still needs a debate about one or the other. Bringing a life into the world is such an uncanny, unbelievable act, that the way you … Continue reading Unmedicated delivery vs C-section

The IIP, aka the Interpreter Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is everywhere, and I am definitely not immune to that. I have all sorts of IPs for each area in which I am active, for each role I see for myself, and for every time of day… I am a walking impostor syndrome (with one exception: I don’t have mum impostor syndrome. I am quite sure I have earned that title). But that does not mean that impostor syndrome has to win. I think women are particularly prone to feeling a fraud and generally underestimating their value, even when there is absolutely zero evidence that they should doubt … Continue reading The IIP, aka the Interpreter Impostor Syndrome