Healthy low-carb stuffed taco peppers

These stuffed peppers are a game changer. I cannot describe their virtues enough: they satisfy Mexican cravings while being healthy, low-carb and low-cal they pack an incredible amount of macro- and micro-nutrients (proteins, iron, vitamin C… hello!) they are flexible in that you can make tweaks without screwing them up you can pair them with whatever you want OR make a dinner out of them you can make them ahead and just toss them in the oven for 60-70′ so you can shower/study for work/cuddle up on the couch/read a book or whatever you feel like doing in the evening … Continue reading Healthy low-carb stuffed taco peppers

Creamy green soup

You might not be a fan of soups. Francesco is not. And yet, this one has won his heart. You don’t need a thousand recipes for soup. You just need a couple of very, very good ones to get through the winter. A good soup has three qualities: good texture (check), good, nutritious ingredients (check), internal coherence with some margin for creativity (check). This one is so creamy and velvety that its texture is somewhere in between a regular soup and mashed potatoes (and there are no potatoes in the soup! Miracle). It is way more nutrient-packed than any other … Continue reading Creamy green soup

6 things I wish I knew about working as an interpreter (for real)

When I was an interpreting student, I had many expectations, as well as many fears. Some of them turned out to be real. Others were either exaggerated, unjustified, or plainly wrong. But perhaps the most surprising aspect was that there are so many things that I didn’t anticipate. As an interpreting student, I was always trying to have a sneak peek into what a “real interpreter’s life” was like. It might sound naive: just grab an interpreter and ask them, right?! Well, it’s not that easy. Working as an Italian A is very different from working as an English A. … Continue reading 6 things I wish I knew about working as an interpreter (for real)

Basil pesto shrimp zoodles

Have you ever craved a hearty pasta so good you could eat it forever AND not feel stuffed when you were done? I have it. It’s not pasta, but I promise you won’t even notice. And look, I know zoodles are not a revolution anymore, but these ones are just the zoodles. The only recipe I’ll make with non-pasta in lieu of pasta. Trust me on this one. There are few low-cal, healthy meals that taste really good and that you could make again and again not because they are low-cal and healthy but because they taste so good you … Continue reading Basil pesto shrimp zoodles

Strasbourg week… from Brussels

Some days are just hard. Because Strasbourg weeks are always busy, both for those who are in Strasbourg and for those two “stay behind” in Brussels (there are less freelancers around so there’s more work), our days are packed with meetings. On top of that, next year the European elections will take place, and that of course has a major impact on how legislative work is being done and will be done, which directly translates in how much (or little) work there is for interpreters. In a nutshell, we will be working a lot until March, then there’s going to … Continue reading Strasbourg week… from Brussels