Language-adding test: real life experiences

I’ve given you the facts. But what about the real thing? What is it like, to sit a language-adding test? Between the two of us, we’ve taken 4, over a period of little more than 3 years. We’ve added Swedish and Danish, Slovak and an English retour. I had only met my now-husband once, when he took his test for Swedish (and I had already fallen head over heels for him… just as an aside), so I wasn’t present, but I really like the story he told me about it. One of the hardest things to decide is the timing. How … Continue reading Language-adding test: real life experiences

Fancy (a) pita

There are days when you still want a real meal – no sandwich, no scrambled eggs – but maybe not a full four-course meal, or maybe just something a little different. Have you ever tried halloumi cheese? I first had halloumi at a Lebanese restaurant in London and loved it. Then I ordered it again in Geneva. And in Brussels. And then I asked myself: “What if they sold it in shops and I could make it at home?”. It turns out they do sell it at supermarkets or just even corner shops. Halloumi is a sheep and goat cheese … Continue reading Fancy (a) pita