Mala tempora currunt

Italy is in a lockdown and I wish Belgium took coronavirus a little more seriously as well. The authorities kept on pretending that nothing was going on and playing the wait-and-see game for far too long, and it was only two days ago that they decided to suspend classes – but not close the schools – and to encourage people to work from home. Hardly decisive actions. Because we are in a vulnerable situation we are doing everything we can to keep safe. I cancelled a contract, because my employer (the European Commission!) would not comply with the most basic … Continue reading Mala tempora currunt

Shoes or books?

I am awful at shopping. I see it as a chore rather than a stress relief strategy, I get tired, I get bored, I rarely end up buying anything and I just hate to waste my time perusing stuff that – in my hypercritical mind – never fits well enough/looks good enough/has a decent quality-price ratio. There is maybe one exception – and that is buying presents for people I love. But even in that case, I tend to do a lot of research before hand and only go buy something if I am a 100% positive I am going … Continue reading Shoes or books?